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Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Services (Part 1)

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Services

Has your furnace been acting up lately? Does your furnace seem to not be working like it’s supposed to or it’s having weird issues? When your furnace suddenly stops working or is exhibiting signs of major and/or concerning disrepair, then you will need to call an HVAC contractor for emergency services. HVAC contractors who offer emergency HVAC services are available after hours or outside of normal business hours and can come to your home ASAP to fix any furnace problems you’re having. Here are some signs that emergency furnace repair services may be needed: Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Services

Your Furnace Keeps Cycling On & Off

One sign that your furnace is in disrepair and needing repair services as soon as possible is when you notice your furnace continuously turning on and off when it’s supposed to be cycling. When your furnace is having cycling issues and keeps turning on and off, then that means that it has a problem that needs to be addressed. And if this problem doesn’t get resolved fast, then your home may not be heated properly, which could result in other issues and concerns.

You Smell Gas

Another sign that emergency furnace services are needed is when you smell gas. Smelling gas in your home is a sure sign that something is very wrong with your furnace. In situations like these, you should turn your furnace off immediately and air out your home or get out of your home. It’s important to call a professional HVAC company to come and inspect your furnace and fix the problem, otherwise there could be severe hazards and/or health risks if the problem doesn’t get resolved quickly.

Your Furnace Flame Is Yellow (Instead of Blue)

Lastly, when your furnace flame is burning yellow instead of blue, then that’s a sign that something isn’t right with your furnace. Your furnace flame should always be blue, and when it suddenly turns yellow when it’s burning, that means that something is wrong. Yellow pilot lights indicate both furnace disrepair and also potential carbon monoxide leaks as well, meaning that it’s a sign that you shouldn’t ignore and that indicates that emergency HVAC repair services are needed.

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Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Services

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Services