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Mini Split System Installation & Repair

A Great Alternative Option: Mini Split Systems!

Do you have a household where some family members prefer a different temperature inside the home? Have you thought about alternative heating/cooling systems which won’t involve you having to upgrade your existing one? Well, we have another such option for you! Mini split systems!

Mini split systems are an excellent alternative HVAC product that will help cool or heat that one additional room that just doesn’t ever have a comfortable temperature. They are extremely high efficiency and can conveniently be only used if and when is needed instead of running all season long, which can provide great savings on your energy bills!

Benefits of a Ductless/Mini-Split

Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a Ductless/Mini-Split system:

  • For one, they are excellent alternatives to window units or for homes that don’t have a central heating and cooling system with existing ducts.
  • The installation is a relatively simple process in addition to easy maintenance.
  • The designs look sleek and modern in your home, unlike window units that can be an eyesore on the outside of your home.
  • The temperature is easy to control from one room to the next
  • All the latest units are so quiet that you won’t even know you have an ac running, unlike window units. Mini Split Installation Pine City MN

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