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Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Services (Part 2)

Emergency Furnace Repair Services Signs

Is your furnace acting up? Is your furnace not working like it’s supposed to or having strange issues as of late? When your furnace stops working or starts to exhibit signs of disrepair, then you will need to call an HVAC contractor for emergency furnace repair services. HVAC companies that offer emergency HVAC services are typically available after hours or outside of normal business hours, and can have certified HVAC contractors come to your home ASAP to fix any furnace problems your home is having. Here are some signs that your home is in need of emergency furnace repair services: Emergency Furnace Repair Services Signs

Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Keeps Going Off

One sign that indicates that something is wrong with your furnace and that emergency furnace repairs are needed is when your carbon monoxide detector keeps going off. While your carbon monoxide detector going off initially may not be cause for concern if the issue concerns low batteries, if your carbon monoxide detector continues to go off even after you’ve confirmed that there is nothing wrong with it, then that is cause for concern and a sign that your furnace may have a gas leak or that there’s an issue with your HVAC ventilation system. You should call a professional HVAC contractor immediately and have them come to your home and inspect and repair the problem, otherwise it could result in severe consequences that could negatively impact both you and your home.

Your Furnace Is Leaking

Another sign that you should call for emergency furnace repair services is when you notice that your furnace is leaking water. Water leaks, steam, or drops/condensation on the walls around or near your furnace indicate that your furnace has a problem that requires immediate attention. When you notice water and/or steam/condensation issues caused by your furnace, immediately turn your furnace off and call an HVAC professional ASAP to come to your home and repair your furnace.

There Is No Warm Air Coming From Your Vents

Lastly, when you notice that there is no warm air coming from your vents when your furnace is cycling and the air from your furnace is constantly cool no matter what kinds of setting changes you make to your thermostat, then that’s a sign that you should call for emergency repairs as soon as possible. This is especially true in winter, since homeowners rely on their furnaces to keep their homes warm–not to blow cool air around on already cold days. Not having a working furnace that heats your home can result in major issues for you and your home, which is why you should have an emergency HVAC contractor come to your home and inspect the problem and make any necessary repairs or replacements that are needed in order to get your furnace to start heating your home like it’s supposed to again.

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Emergency Furnace Repair Services Signs

Emergency Furnace Repair Services Signs